12000W HMI Mobile Light Tower Product Comparison

Light Tower Technology Comparison USA

How do Lunar Light Towers compare with conventional light towers?

The data below is based on a single 12kW Lunar Light Tower compared to SIX 4x 1000W standard light towers. Timing is based on 10 hours operation per day.

Figures are approximate and may be subject to change at any time without notice.

Property12kw Lunar Light TowerStandard Light Tower
Glare FreeGlare freeN/A
Hot Restrike BulbYes – Instantaneous strike upUp to 20 minutes wait before lights can be restruck
SilencedYesNot Standard
Fuel Tank volume per unit66 gallons (250 L)30 gallons (114 L)
Fuel ConsumptionApprox. 0.7 gallons/hour (2.5 L). Fill up 1 unit instead of 6***3.8 gallons/hour (14.4 L)
Fuel consumption per month Gal (L)198 (750 L)1,134 (4,292 L)
Monthly cost savings compared to 6 towers with 4x 1000W lamps (approx).Fuel volume
Fuel cost
Labor for fuel top-ups
Setup costs
Est. monthly savings
Est. annual savings
936 (3,542 L)
Light Colour Temperature6000° Kelvin – natural daylight reproduction3800° Kelvin – yellow & uneven
Light CharacteristicShadowless and UniformNot available
Lighting Direction Control360° and/or 180° Change over in minutes360° not available – min 4 light towers required
MaintenanceOne Light TowerSeveral Light Towers
Set up, Transport & RefuelOne Light TowerSeveral Light Towers
Lamps Required1 x 12,000W HMI LampAt least 24 x 1000W lamps
Vertical Hydraulic StabilizersYes – easy to anchor, each hydraulic leg is independently controlled to give superior stability on uneven terrain Not standard
Rigid Polymer Lunar Light HeadOptional for permanent mountingNot available
Mast Height33ft (10 meters)Average of 23ft (7meters)
Wind Speed65 mph (100 kph) at full mast heightN/A
Ancillary Power3kVA ancillary power points availableNot standard
Braking SystemMechanical Disk BrakesDrum brakes
SuspensionOff road hexagonal rubber suspension torsion barLeaf suspension
Wheels17" Desert WheelsNot standard


Real project cost savings and real benefits

A conventional light tower produces approximately 100,000 lumens.
The single 12000W globe inside the Lunar Lighting Tower is rated at 1,200,000 lumen output.


Compare the Benefits of Lunar Light Towers

  • INCREDIBLE LIGHT POWER: A conventional portable light tower, typically covers an area of 45,208 sq. feet (4250m²). One 12000W HMI Lunar Light Tower covers approx 538,200 sq. feet (50,000m²)**
  • PRODUCTIVITY: As one 12000W HMI Lunar Light Tower can replace approx 6 standard flood lights– less work, reduced setup/stow-away, cartage and maintenance
  • GLARE FREE: Lunar Light systems use a different technology to standard incandescent lights. The light is glare free, and reproduces daylight (6000°K), which provides an optimum night time work environment, a safer workplace for workers and plant operators.
  • SHADOW FREE: Lunar lights reduce shadowing caused by directional beams. The shadows that remain are shallow and safe, compared to the dark blackness of directional shadows.
  • LOWER COST: Refer to above table.
  • PRODUCT RANGE: Lunar has a light for every purpose – towed and non-towed products that can be transported in an automobile and even person portable units for maintenance call outs at night, see the products
  • ROBUST, DEPENDABLE: Dependable in harsh conditions such as mining sites and desert environments. Independent university tests have demonstrated stability in winds of up to 65mph (100km/hr) Engineered tough, and built to last.
  • LIGHTING DIRECTION: Can be changed from 360°to 180° in minutes if there are light constraints above the horizontal plane such as airports, landing strips and nearby neighbourhoods.
Light Tower Technology Comparison USA

Whatever your application – road works, civil works, mining, rail, logistics, the 12kW HMI Lunar Light Tower uses similar high quality daylight reproduction as that used in the demanding film and movie industry. Your project deserves the most advanced mobile lighting technology available.

  • Easy to use push button controls and built to last.
  • The internal cabinets have their own battery powered lighting.
  • Fuel efficient and smaller carbon footprint.
  • Set up one unit instead of several conventional lighting units.

* The lux level can be increased by up to 2800% with the use of a Lunar Reflector.
** The light intensity will vary with distance from light source and mast height.
*** Yanmar specifications for the TNV88 engine @ 1500rpm is 2.5L/Hr at 75% engine load.

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