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Light Towers for Events and Sports

Lighting for Public Events

Lunar Lighting Innovations makes large area lighting systems for all type of events – Corporate Advertising, Street Festivals, Sports, Exhibitions, Product Launches, Celebrations, Music Festivals, and more. Available in different sizes, our lights and towers illuminate large areas, in every direction from a single tower – each Tower generates an extraordinary 1,200,000 lumens*.

  • Used in the 2000 Olympic Games and Sydney Mardi Gras
  • Film production quality lighting
  • Glare-Free and shadow-free – easy on the eyes
  • Safety aspect for spectators with high quality glare free white light
  • Enhanced security
  • Fits in a car, setup in minutes
  • Coverage up to approx. 59,800 sq. yards (50,000m²)** from a single globe

Built for Purpose

Used in the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games

If you are organizing a large scale event for hundreds or even thousands of people, then large area lighting becomes a serious issue.
You need to provide effective, high performance lighting that assists with crowd management, safety and security. You need to consider vehicle access, the placement of lighting, and the safety and security of the lighting.

A single 12000W HMI Lunar Light Tower replaces SIX conventional light towers in light area coverage. That means savings in transport, set up, fuel and a smaller footprint, less noise, less towers and greater safety.

Glare Free, Shadow Free Light – Easy on the Eyes

Large Area Lights for Big Events

Because of the enormous light output, your work teams are not limited to daylight hours. Moreover, Lunar Light casts a bright light which approaches daylight in intensity and color, GLARE-FREE.

Safety for your teams is enhanced with the light produced by the GLARE FREE HMI Lunar Lights® – the light is daylight quality (6000°K) and although powerful is a soft, diffused light, which directs light 360° and is shadow-free, fading evenly to the edges. You can change over to 180° in minutes.

Street lighting, crowd lighting, food festivals and stadium lighting, exhibitions and indoor events

Advanced Lighting Technology

HMI lighting is the industry’s choice to meet its exacting requirements of contrast, definition and clarity. It is not just the sheer power of the light, but the quality of the light, that makes Lunar Lighting products so effective and productive.

Lunar lights are available in different configurations, to suit different event needs. They have been used as street lighting, crowd lighting, food festivals, stadium lighting, for exhibitions and indoor events.

Lunar lights can carry navigational signage, advertising and branded signage to maximize income from promotions.

* The lux level can be increased by up to 2800% with the use of a Lunar Reflector.
** The light intensity will vary with distance from light source and mast height.