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Creating daylight for film, TV and movies

Lunar Lighting is preferred for its light quality. The light is the same color as daylight, and it is diffused to a soft glare-free light. Lunar HMI products illuminate evenly, without pools of darkness or shadowing. Lunar lights are the industry standard and beyond, able to provide large-scale lighting with just minutes setup, and some can be transported in a car. The lights create a warm, light-filled ambiance that mimics daylight, and allows literally 24-hour filming if required.

  • Glare free daylight reproduction of 6000K
  • Hot re-strike, no waiting for cool down before re-striking
  • 360° or 180° light direction – change over in minutes
  • The 12000W HMI Lunar Lighting Tower is a 5 minute setup/pack-away
  • Easily transportable in the trunk of a car
  • Huge coverage, High Power while less Carbon Footprint

Built for Purpose

Titanic, Mission Impossible and the Olympics

Our lighting is used extensively within the film & TV industry. They were used by James Cameron on his “Titanic” movie to allow large scale, night-time filming of the Titanic set and models.
In Mission Impossible, our lighting was used to illuminate entire street scenes with a diffused city night-light, and the night action scenes and external scenes were shot with Lunar’s HMI Balloons even though production area was limited in space.

Hot Restrike – no more waiting for cool-down before restriking

Safety and Efficiency

Because of the enormous light output, your work teams are not limited to daylight hours. Moreover, Lunar Light casts a bright light which approaches daylight in intensity and color, GLARE-FREE.
Safety for your teams is enhanced with the light produced by the GLARE FREE HMI Lunar Lights® – the light is daylight quality (6000°K) and although powerful is a soft, diffused light, which directs light 360° and is shadow-free, fading evenly to the edges. You can change over to 180° in minutes.

Your teams are more productive in a safer workplace.

Advanced Lighting Technology

A single 12000W HMI Lunar Lighting Tower could replace up to six conventional light towers in light area coverage. That means savings in transport, set up, fuel and a smaller footprint, less noise, less towers and greater safety and absolutely NO GLARE.

Glare Free and Shadow Free for quality film lighting.

  • Ideal for close-up and wide filming. There are differently-sized Lunar lights for different needs.
  • Increases productivity – set up and shut down is less than 5 minutes. It can be moved and adjusted with speed and ease.
  • Cost savings – with one 2kW Lunar Light or 1200W HMI Lunar Light there is no towing involved
  • HMI lighting is the industry’s choice to meet its exacting requirements of contrast, definition and clarity. It is not just the sheer power of the light, but the quality of the light, that makes Lunar Lighting products so effective and productive.