Mining, Oil and Gas

Light Towers for Mining & Exploration USA

Lunar Lighting Innovations has developed a range of efficient large area lighting solutions for mining, oil, and gas extraction


Designed for remote and harsh environments

Just one portable 12000W HMI Lunar Light® Tower illuminates up to a phenomenal 59,800 sq. yards**, producing 1,200,000 lumens* of daylight quality, GLARE-FREE light. The smaller units (4000W, 2000W, 1200W and the Lunar Bakpak) can be transported inside a car, while still producing powerful daylight conditions for your night work.

They are valued for their increased safety and productivity, and significantly lowered costs:

  • Hot Restrike
  • Directional Capability
  • Reduced transportation costs
  • Low refueling frequency
  • Lower fuel running costs
  • Optional retrofit packages
  • Small carbon footprint

Built for Purpose

Built Desert Tough, Tundra Tough

Lunar Lighting Innovations products are designed for land based exploration, drilling, and extraction projects. As well as all the associated activities such as equipment maintenance, accommodation camps, and infrastructure such as pipelines and emergency pipe repair.

Our lights were used extensively on the Pluto LNG (Liquefied Natural Gas) project

Safety and Efficiency

Because of the enormous light output, your work teams are not limited to daylight hours. Moreover, Lunar Light casts a bright light which approaches daylight in intensity and color, GLARE-FREE.

Enhance safety for your teams with the light produced by the GLARE FREE HMI Lunar Lights®. The light is daylight quality (6000°K) and although powerful is a soft, diffused light, which directs light 360° and is shadow-free, fading evenly to the edges. You can change over to 180° in minutes.

Your teams are more productive in a safer workplace

Advanced Lighting Technology

HMI lighting is the industry’s choice to meet its exacting requirements of contrast, definition and clarity. It is not just the sheer power of the light, but the quality of the light, that makes Lunar Lighting products so effective and productive.