Roadwork Lighting Systems

Roadwork Lighting Systems USA

Light Towers for Roadwork

Glare-Free Lighting – improving roadwork safety

Lunar Lighting Innovations produces light towers, portable lights and personal work-team lights that are designed for roadwork in urban and remote areas. Available in different sizes, our portable lights and light towers are designed for roadwork and urban construction. Our roadwork lighting can mount on towers, or hung from machinery, or mount on moving machines. Our light towers create a glare free environment that minimises risk for oncoming drivers and are safer for roadwork workers.

  • Glare free daylight reproduction of 6000K
  • Hot re-strike, no waiting for cool down before re-striking
  • 360° or 180° light direction – change over in minutes
  • Can use shielding for night-time urban privacy
  • Glare free light for safety and to reduce eye fatigue
  • Coverage up to approx. 59,800 sq. yards (50,000m²)** from a single light

Built for Purpose

Hot Restrike – no waiting for cooldown before restrike

Lunar Lighting Innovations products are used in civil and road construction sites around the world. In Road and Civil works, it is essential to control light direction and uptime. Our products Hot Restrike capability creates and maintains a safe working environment.

Glare-Free Light, diffused light with reduced shadows

Safety and Efficiency

Because of the enormous light output, your work teams are not limited to daylight hours. Moreover, Lunar Light casts a bright light which approaches daylight in intensity and color, GLARE-FREE.

Safety for your teams is enhanced with the light from the GLARE FREE HMI Lunar Lights®. The light is daylight quality (6000°K) and although powerful is a soft, diffused light, which directs light 360° and is shadow-free, fading evenly to the edges. You can change over to 180° in minutes.

Your teams are more productive in a safer workplace.

Advanced Lighting Technology

HMI lighting is the industry’s choice to meet its exacting requirements of contrast, definition and clarity. It is not just the sheer power of the light, but the quality of the light, that makes Lunar Lighting products so effective and productive.

* The lux level can increase by up to 2800% with the use of a Lunar Reflector.
** The light intensity will vary with distance from light source and mast height.