Licensing Our Technology USA

Expressions of Interest

Lunar Lighting Innovations has a number of World Wide Registered Patents and Trademarks on unique Low Energy, High Output, Glare Free lighting technologies.

Since 1997, Lunar has strategically invested in HMI lighting research, and has developed the technology to its ultimate efficiency.

Lunar has developed high power glare free LED portable lights which can be mounted onto a stand/equipment, supplied as a tower unit or retrofitted to existing light towers.

We are seeking Expressions of Interest from ISO accredited companies around the globe to manufacture under License and/or distribute Lunar Lights. In addition, responders will be required to have established distribution channels to the relevant industries which may have been gained via existing manufacture of complementary industrial equipment.

Our products are proven in the field, and some have been allocated NATO Stock Numbers after exhaustive testing by the Department of Defence. Lunar Lights have been approved and purchased by the US Department of Homeland Security.

Lunar Lights have been approved and purchased by the US Department of Homeland Security

Our Performance

Lunar HMI Lights are ideal for oil and natural gas exploration and drilling, in harsh and remote areas. Lunar has increased the power and variety of its lights, resulting in the acclaimed 12000W HMI Lunar Lighting Tower that emits 1,200,000 lumens* output from a single lamp. Lunar Lighting systems are glare-free and shadow-free.

The fuel efficiency, daylight reproduction and large 360° area glare free light coverage offer significant cost savings to end users and decrease total project cost.

Some applications include

  • Civil Works
  • Mining
  • Construction
  • Oil and Gas
  • Military
  • Security
  • Emergency Services
  • Special Events
  • Film Production


If you believe that your company has a track record in the lighting or other manufacturing industry, and that it is capable of building our lighting products to our high standards, please email George Ossolinski, Director, at, with a view to initial qualifying discussion leading to a detailed proposal.

All responses will be treated in confidence.

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