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Our LED and HMI Light Tower features for Productivity and Safety

Lunar Lighting LED and HMI light tower features make them stand apart by virtue of their many benefits, compared to traditional portable lights. They are ideal for large scale infrastructure, like oil and natural gas field lighting, and natural gas exploration and drilling. Lunar Lighting saves on project costs in these and other scenarios.

Here are just some of the light tower features:

  • POWERHMI lighting is the first real lighting development since the invention of the light bulb. While other lighting systems have limitations due to heat generation and power requirements, HMI lights have no such limitations. Our lights consistently achieve 6,000° Kelvin (crisp white daylight) with no glare.
  • EFFICIENCY: Our LED lights are the most efficient in the industry, with a massive 218 lumen per watt output (vs 120lm/W typical competitor).
  • INNOVATION: Lunar lights achieve 12000 watts and create 1,200,000 lumens*. With such an enormous difference, HMI lights replace several floodlights, and achieve an overall lower cost of ownership in a short time.
  • SAFETY: A HMI Lighting tower creates light which equals the colour characteristics of daylight. The light is diffused and glare free, and eliminates the deep shadowing of directional light towers. Less shadows means greater worker safety and much higher productivity.
  • GLARE FREEIn conventional lighting systems, you’ll always see people shading their eyes from the glare. The glare free character of HMI and LED lights makes them ideal for road construction or emergency scenes as there is no glare to workers or oncoming traffic.
  • INTERCHANGEABLE LIGHT DIRECTION: The 360° lighting can swap over to 180° in minutes. This feature is useful when air traffic is present or to avoid disturbance to neighbors or nearby communities.
  • CONVENIENCE: Fewer HMI lights are necessary for any given task. This means less transport, faster setup, and more hours actually spent working. HMI lights have less fuel costs, minimal transport requirements, and shorter pack-away requirement. The light head stores inside the cabinet to protect it during transport. There are 3 sets of battery operated fluorescent lights inside the unit so no additional lighting to set up operation is necessary.
  • HOT RESTRIKE CAPABILITY: Other lights need to completely cool before switching them on again. But HMI lights can be “restruck” immediately, saving on downtime.
  • CUSTOMER SERVICE: Lunar Lighting is a company which focuses on customer service. Our products reflect years of development and customer feedback, and constant technology upgrades.
  • INNOVATION: Lunar Lighting products are the result of 16 years of development across several generations of lighting. We are dedicated to bringing you the best technology has to offer.
  • A DIFFERENT LIGHT FOR EACH PURPOSE: Unlike standard lighting systems, Lunar Lighting has a light solution for every application. These range from personal ‘backpack’ lights to the 12000W Lunar Light Tower that provides 1,200,000 lumens* of crisp, white, Glare Free illumination. Conventional systems have to adapt and force themselves into situations for which their design is not suitable. Lunar lights receive customization to serve different purposes.

* The lux level can increase by up to 2800% with the use of a Lunar Reflector.

Contact us today and let us tell you more about our light tower features.

2kW Lunar Light Tower 400x400


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