Mobile Lighting & Light Towers USA

Mobile Lighting Products at a Glance*

* Specifications and information are subject to change at any time without notice

ProductArea Lit (Approx)Towed?Weight (Approx)Glare FreeSetupRestrike
12000W HMI Lunar Light Tower59,800 sq. yards 50,000m2**Yes4,188lbs 1,900kgYes5 minutes easy push button controlInstantly
4000W HMI Lunar Light9567 sq. yards 8,000m2In Car(light head) 76lbs 35kgYes5 minutes 1 personInstantly
2000W Halogen Lunar Light2392 sq. yards 2000m2In Car(light head) 35lbs 16kgYes5 minutes 1 personInstantly
1200W HMI Lunar Light3588 sq. yards 3000m2In Car(light head) 35lbs 16kgYes5 minutes 1 personInstantly
2400W LED Lunar Light60,000 sq. yards 50,167m2(light head) 31lbs 14kgYes1-2 minutes 1 personInstantly

** The lux level can be increased by up to 2800% with the use of a Lunar Reflector. The light intensity will vary with distance from light source and mast height

Our mobile lighting solutions are fully customizable. Just ask us.

LED Light Towers

Our class-leading LED light towers produce 210 lumens per watt, making them ideal for illuminating large areas with unmatched portability and efficiency – and saving you money.

12000W HMI Mobile Light Tower

For lighting very large areas, the 12000W HMI tower illuminates approx. 50,000m²**, with approx. 1,200,000 lumens of light output. The Tower can be towed by a suitable medium or larger 4WD/SUV vehicle or pick-up truck. The trailer is designed to perform in harsh environments – push-button setup and 4x independently controlled hydraulic stabilizers.

Glare Free 12V Lunar BakPak Light

Lightweight, compact and powerful.
The Lunar BakPak light illuminates approx. 300 sq. yards with daylight (250m²) – wherever you walk. It weighs only 17 lbs (8kgs. including battery pack) and is ideal for maintenance crews, search and rescue, and emergency crews.

1200W HMI Lunar Light

Transport in a car, no need to tow – the 1200W HMI Lunar light emits light comparable to a conventional floodlight, but packs into a case and can be carried in a car trunk. It illuminates approx. 3588 sq. yards (3000m²), it can be run from mains power or genset, and the light head can be mounted onto vehicles and equipment machines or suspended from a ceiling.

2000W Halogen Lunar Light

Transport in a car, no need to tow. This powerful light produces approx 2392 sq. yards illumination (2000m²), yet packs into a 40 inch impact resistant case, weighing just 22lbs. This makes it simple for one person to set up and transport, no towing.
The light head can be maneuvered into compact areas, mounted onto equipment such as road equipment, or suspended from a ceiling.

4000W HMI Light

The 4000W HMI light runs from a genset or mains power, and can be maneuvered into difficult, tighter positions. The light head can be mounted or suspended to provide a flexible, encompassing light area.

Helium Filled Balloon Lights – 2000W-16000W

A truly revolutionary light. Filled with helium gas, our Helium Filled Lights can illuminate areas ranging from 1200 to 36,000 sq. yards (1000 to 30,000m²) with quite unparalleled power. Thanks to its shape and the envelope texture, the HMI Lunar Balloons provide a gentle, glare-free light, equivalent with daylight, giving high performance, all round illumination.
The light is tethered to the ground, and then inflated with helium, and it rises to the desired height.

Infrared Lights for Military, Security and Surveillance

Lunar Lighting has a range of Infrared lights for military, security and surveillance purposes. These lights emit enormous amounts of infrared light – invisible to the naked eye at night, they reveal extraordinary detail when viewed through infrared cameras, or infrared goggles.

Rigid Polymer HMI Lunar Lights

Lunar Lighting has developed Rigid Polymer Permanent Lights – these are ideal for permanent lighting applications such as public spaces, security lighting, golf courses and ski slopes.

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