1200W HMI Lunar Light

1200W HMI Lighting Tower USA

Operational Features

  • Superior HMI light quality
  • Transportable – carried by hand and is transported in a car
  • 360° and 180° capability – to protect neighborhood amenity and privacy, direction can be changed over in minutes if required.
  • Takes only minutes to set up – the tripod is simple to erect.
  • Powerful light – much smaller carbon footprint
  • Automatic wide range voltage detection
  • Coverage of approx. 3588 sq. yards (3000m²) – from a single globe.
  • Light output of 110,000 lumens
  • Duplicates daylight color temperature – GLARE FREE
  • Power draw – only 5A.

Carried by hand, yet it provides more light than a conventional light tower on a trailer

The 1200W Lunar Light is packed into a 40 inch case which weighs just 22lbs, making it easily lifted and transported in a car or by hand.


NATO stock numbers issued by Department of Defense after extensive testing.