4000W HMI Light

4000W HMI Light USA

Approx. 400,000 lumens output lighting 9567 sq. yards

The 4000W HMI Lunar Light has many features which make it attractive for any situation where powerful yet high quality light is required. With its 400,000 lumens output, it is comparable to 4 conventional lighting towers, but with much less transport cost, fuel, maintenance and setup.

  • Set up in Minutes
  • Hot Restrike
  • Adaptive & Portable
  • See Operational Features below

Operational Features

  • Powered by a conventional power source or small generator.
  • Coverage is approx. 9567 sq. yards (8,000m²)
  • Versatile – Suspend the light head from infrastructure or machinery.
  • Transport in a car, no need to tow.
  • Lightweight – Can be carried by one person – weighs only 220lbs.
  • Hot re-strike capability– no need to wait for the light to cool down before re-striking.
  • 400,000 lumens output from a single globe; conventional floodlights have approx. 100,000 lumens output.
  • 360° and 180°> capability– the 4,000W HMI Lunar light can be easily adjusted to focus light in a specific direction. Changeover takes just minutes.
  • Duplicate natural daylight – the color temperature is 6000K, the same as daylight.
    Conventional lighting towers have a yellowish unnatural light (3200 degrees Kelvin)
  • Low energy consumption – minimum power requirement is 6.9kW.

Powerful, Glare free daylight reproduction 6000K for large areas