Glare Free 12V Lunar BakPak Light

12V Mobile Light BakPak USA

Glare Free 12V Lunar Portable / Mobile BakPak

The 12 Volt BakPak Glare Free Mobile / Portable light is designed for:

  • Search and Rescue
  • Mobile work-teams
  • Maintenance call outs at night
  • Maintenance call outs during blackouts
  • Rail track work
  • Space limited areas

Operational Features of the Portable Light

  • Lightweight, easy to carry, weighs only 18 pounds (8kg)
  • Glare free coverage of approx. 300 sq. yards (250m²)
  • 360° and 180° capability – the glare-free BakPak can be easily changed from a diffused 360° to a directional beam, allowing better control of lighting management.
  • All weather conditions – is weather-proof and works in extreme conditions.
  • 8000°K color temperature – matches the color tones of daylight.
  • Low maintenance – the HID lamp rated for 5000 hours – 600 nights of full 8 hour use.
  • Solar charging mats available.
  • Rechargeable, Lithium ion battery (2.2 pounds, 1kg) one battery lasts for 4 hours.
  • Recharge from car cigarette lighter or mains power – accessories included.

Carried on your shoulders – The light that walks with you

Lightweight Lunar BakPak allows your hands to be free, providing approx. 300 sq. yards (250m²) of Glare-Free light.