Infrared Lights for Military, Security and Surveillance

Infra-Red Light Towers USA

HMI InfraRed lights: designed for military, surveillance and security purposes.

Our   generate enough non-visible light to illuminate up to approx. 59,800 sq yards (50,000 m²)**. The 12000kw Lunar Light produces 1,200,000 lumens*.

Infra-Red HMI Lunar Lights have a variety of applications – military purposes, night-time perimeter surveillance, border control, traffic movement.

  • Set up in Minutes
  • Hot Restrike
  • Adaptive & Portable
  • Large, blacklight surveillance area
  • Tested, approved and purchased by the US Department of Homeland Security and numerous police agencies

Operational Features

  • Military strength lighting
  • Dependable, silenced generator or mains power
  • Push-button setup
  • Stabilized rig
  • Instant start
  • 100 continuous hours on a single tank
  • Engineered with 30% load tolerance for dependable use
  • Switch between visible and infrared in minutes without sophisticated training or specialized tools.

After stringent testing by the military, NATO stock numbers have been issued

12kW Lunar Lighting Tower: NSN 6230-66-154-6202, Part Number 12 KWLLT
2000W Lunar Light: NSN 6230-66-154-6218, Part Number 2KHLL