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Turn night into day with class-leading light towers, balloon lights & led lighting solutions. We leave our competitors in the dark!

We design and manufacture lighting solutions that leave conventional systems for dead

Our patented technology enables you to replace multiple lights with a single light tower rated at 1.2 million lumens with unmatched flexibility & cost effectiveness.

Lunar Lighting products are used the world over, with clients including the US Department of Homeland Security, Department of Defense, major mining and gas companies, in major film productions and Olympic Opening Ceremonies.

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Choose Lunar Light Towers & Mobile Lights for:

POWER: More coverage with fewer lights – up to 60,0002 yds with one light

SAVINGS: Higher efficiency – save hundreds of gallons of fuel each month

GLARE FREE: Uniform, glare-free light;  directional to 360º coverage

INSTANT ON: Hot re-strike capability – instant restart vs 20 minutes wait

PRODUCTIVITY: Boost productivity with faster setup and less down time

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What our clients say about our work


Lunar Lights have been approved and purchased by US Department of Homeland Security

Below is a testimonial from one Police Department that purchased several 12kW HMI glare free Lunar Lighting Towers from Lunar Lighting.

Since their purchase we have been able to utilize the glare free Lunar Lighting Towers in areas that were not previously accessible due to glare and shadowing produced by conventional light towers.

Due to the unique glare free and uniform nature of the Lunar Lighting Towers, they do not blind or interfere with oncoming traffic and provide natural daylight conditions for the motorists and our officers to operate safely with. The glare free Lunar Lighting Towers have been utilized at more than just traffic accidents and operations, the Lunar Lighting Towers are also preferred over conventional lighting towers at festivals and events that our town hosts.


Lunar Lighting is an Australian Department of Defense recognized supplier

Our Army Construction Engineers utilised two 12kW HMI Glare Free Lunar Lighting Towers to construct a 30m Line of Communication Bridge.

Construction work on the bridge in darkness was very problematic and slow due to the amount of shadows created by conventional lighting systems. Large conventional lighting systems also created plant operator glare making it difficult for the precision of work required in assembling the bridge panels. With the utilization of the 12kW HMI Glare Free Lunar Lighting Towers, the Construction Squadron was able to undertake work safely and without glare for an extended period

The technology developed by Lunar Lighting is a heavy duty and robust system that is able to be utilised in a field environment. The system is easy to use and proved it’s worth on the construction site by reducing the construction time by 30%, whilst also not compromising the safety of operators and workers employed on the site.

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