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Applications for Lunar Lighting

Applications for our products include:


With 30 years of innovation, Lunar’s innovative LED and HMI lighting solutions put conventional construction lighting in the shade. Lunar Lighting gives you unmatched flexibility to light up vast work areas with fewer light towers and with no blinding glare.

Sydney Olympics Opening Ceremony


Lunar Lights tick all the boxes for event lighting: Power, Safety, Quality and Cost Effectiveness.

Film & TV

Lunar Lighting provides large-scale lighting solutions for the film, video & TV production industry. Applications for Lunar Lighting

Our patented HMI and LED lighting technology delivers daylight quality (6000K) light that’s evenly distributed wherever you need it, allowing you to shoot in daylight conditions, 24/7.

Mission Impossible 2


Our industry-leading HMI and LED lighting technology is known for its glare-free, daylight quality light – this makes it the best choice for productive, safe factory lighting, outdoor site lighting & portable lighting for maintenance & more.

Military & Security

Lunar Lighting provides class-leading lighting and high wattage infra-red lighting solutions for military and security applications world-wide.

Mining, Resources & Energy

The mining, resources and energy sector is where Lunar Lights really shine. For 27 years our high wattage glare-free lights have illuminated major projects across some of the most challenging environments across Australia and the world.

Rescue & Emergency

Lighting for rescue & emergency operations can be a life-or-death affair. That’s why Lunar Lights have been chosen world-wide as the system of choice when time and sheer high wattage glare-free lighting power are of the essence.

Road & Civil Works

Forget conventional light towers that blind oncoming traffic and fatigue workers with eye strain.


Lunar Lighting’s patented technology produces an even, diffuse light that’s daylight quality and directed exactly where you need it. Better light = more productivity.


Daylight-quality lighting for sports fields, ski slopes & stadiums
Lunar Lighting’s unique technology delivers a superior result to conventional lighting.


Our glare-free HMI lighting technology produces flicker-free, daylight quality light – this makes it the best choice for productive and safe warehouse lighting.

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