The LED Lighting Experts

Why Lunar Lights?

Simply put, there really is no competition. No other LED lighting system can deliver all these benefits:

Incredible LED efficacy

210 lumens per Watt= more light, less power & less cost

Massive coverage

up to 35,000m² from a single 1650W LED Lunar Light

Glare-free lighting

no more temporary blindness and ‘light fatigue’

Even, uniform illumination

no hotspots or ‘black holes’

Fully directional

from 72º to full 360º in 5 steps

Compact design & light weight

ultra portable

Dimmable LEDs

for total control of light output

Adjustable wattages

from 330W to 1710W

Low power consumption

only 6.8A @ 240V

Durable, rugged construction

better reliability under tough conditions

What does this mean for you?

Enquire about Lunar Lighting for your next project