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Rigid Polymer Lights

Glare-Free 12,000W HMI Lunar Lights For Permanent Installations

Rigid Polymer HMI Lunar  are designed for permanent installation in situations where large outdoor areas need daylight-quality, glare-free lighting.

They are perfect for:

  • Golf courses
  • Ski slopes
  • Public & civic areas
  • Sporting grounds
  • Car parks
  • …anywhere that requires permanent, high quality outdoor lighting

They provide a weather tough, glare-free lighting solution with low running costs due to the high efficiency of our HMI lamps.

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Rigid Polymer Features

Features and specifications may be subject to change at any time without notice

Why choose Lunar Lighting Rigid Polymer Lights?


Our unique technology provides a diffuse light without blinding glare for more natural and less fatiguing light.


Weather-proof & designed to withstand wind-blown objects, birds & other environmental challenges.


6000º K colour temperature replicates daylight, evenly distributed without glare for perfect visibility.


Our industry-leading lamp efficiency provides more light per lamp – saving big on energy costs.

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