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Lunar Lighting Resources

12000W Lunar Light Tower

The 12000W Lunar Light Tower is a giant among lights. It illuminates approx 50,000m²**, with a 1,200,000 lumen* output from a single 12000W HMI globe. It is fully portable, towed behind a standard work vehicle. The 12000W Lunar Lighting tower can replace all the cost and logistics of six standard light towers.

Lunar Lighting BakPak Light

Maintenance Units, Work Teams, Emergency and Rescue Operations Illuminate up to 250m² with a Glare Free, 360° light.

Lunar Lights for Military & Security

Transported by aircraft or lifted by helicopter. Infrared, Surveillance, Emergency, Construction, Maintenance.

Lunar Lights for Rescue & Emergency

Towed and non-towed lighting for illuminating areas from 2000m² to 50,000m²** with Glare Free, 360° light. Reach areas inaccessible by conventional lighting towers with mobile lights.

Lunar Lighting has glare free systems for thousands of applications

Introducing our Latest Innovation – the 1710W LED Lunar Light

The 1710W LED Lunar Light is perfect for situations that require portable 360°, glare free and uniform lighting. The 1710W LED Lunar Light is great on site as an emergency lunar lighting resources.

It is a glare free outdoor led flood lighting system that can handle the lighting requirements of any crises or regular night time equipment and machinery maintenance. This lighting system does not require any special machinery to set up or to move. It is lightweight and weighs only 14 kg and travels light and easy in a 40-inch case.

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