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12,000W HMI Lunar Light Tower


The Lunar 12,000W HMI lighting tower automation is the brightest, most powerful light at night on the market with the globe rated at 1,200,000 lumens.

Replacing many conventional lighting towers and illuminating up to 50,000m², it not only turns night into day but it saves you significant amounts of time and money.

It features a 10m telescopic mast and a built in generator to vastly outperform any conventional floodlight. It has endless applications, from roadworks and construction, to mining, public events and sports.

  • Cost of lighting is dramatically less than using conventional lighting towers
  • Incredible quality output – the 12,000W globe is rated at 1,200,000 lumens output – most conventional floodlights have around 100,000 lumens
  • Very large lighting coverage
  • Save up to 4600L in fuel each month – significant reductions in cost and carbon emissions
  • Glare free – despite the phenomenal light, it is glare free and easy to work with
  • Natural daylight generator experience – the light produces 6000° Kelvin, the equivalent of daylight
  • Highly productive voltage – allows dusk to dawn manual work schedules with fatigue-free light
  • Designed to operate reliably in any terrain and in any weather
  • Push-button setup and 4x individually controlled hydraulic stabilisers for uneven terrain
  • Powered by a purpose built, military-tested rig designed for harsh and remote environments in the world
  • Can be towed by 4WD/SUV and standard pickups
  • Hardworking and reliable –generator runs at 60% capacity, even at full lighting power
  • Lift points and forklift – the unit can be lifted for trucking, shipping and transport
  • Protected by worldwide patents and trade marks
  • NATO Stock Numbers issued after stringent military testing: NSN 6230-66-154-6202, Part Number 12 KWLLT

Comparison of 12kW Light Tower with conventional tower lights

12kW HMI Glare Free Lunar Lighting Tower Specifications*


Length 4.17m (13.7ft)
Width 1.93m (6.3ft)
Height 2.2m (7.3ft)
Weight 1900kg (4189 pounds)
Transport Tilt tray, crane truck or tow behind suitable vehicle Pintle hook with O-ring coupling or 50mm ball available


Type 4 cylinder vertical inline diesel engine
Combustion System Direct injection
Cooling System Liquid-Cooled with Radiator
Rating Rated at 18kW at 1500rpm. The Tower uses 10.8kW on full load, which is 64% of available kilowatts. (Yanmar TNV88 engine)
Fuel Consumption Yanmar specifications for the TNV88 engine @ 1500rpm is 2.5L/Hr at 75% engine load. Approx. 2.5 Litres (0.66 gallons) per hour at 64% load.
Fuel Tank Capacity 250 Litres (64 gallons).
Running time Approx. 100-110 hours continuous run time


Prime Power Rated at 18kVA single phase. The Tower uses approx. 12.34kVA which is 68.56% of available kVA
Additional Power Outlets (optional) 3kVA available
Overload protection Mains circuit breaker, main thermal circuit breaker and earth leakage Residual Current Device 1 x 100A.
Power outlets – lighting Single Phase

Light Source

HMI Lamp 1 x 12,000W, HMI Hot restrike
Lumens The 12,000W globe is rated at 1,200,000 lumens output
Light direction 360° diffused 180° Optional – Horizontal or Vertical
Color Temperature 6000 degrees Kelvin – Natural daylight

Lunar Light Tower

Hydraulics Fully hydraulic with push button controls – 12V DC
Suspension Off Road Hexagonal rubber Torsion Bar
Sound rating Silenced body rated at 82 DBA @ 1 metre (1 yard)
Brakes Mechanical disc brakes
Mast Type Hydraulic – 4 stage cable extending
Mast Height 10 meters (33 feet)
Wind Speed 100km/hour (60mph)

* Specifications may be subject to change without notice

Why choose the Lunar Lighting 12kW Light Tower?


One 12,000W light tower covers up to 50,000m², replacing up to many conventional towers for logistics and productivity savings.


Save on hire costs and up to 4600L of fuel each month compared to using multiple conventional light towers.


Conventional light systems are blinding to look at. Lunar Lights produce a diffuse, uniform light over the entire area.


Built to go anywhere and handle the toughest environments, military tested and NATO stock numbers issued.

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