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2000W Lunar Halogen Light

Portable, powerful halogen lighting for any application

The Lunar 2000W halogen light is a flexible, powerful light for roadworks, construction, public events, mining, maintenance, home depot, film and tv production, emergency, military and security applications with lifetime guarantee.

It runs from either a conventional power source or a small generator. It can be transported in a car, and set up quickly and easily.

2000W Lunar Light Specifications
  • Glare free 2000W Halogen light bulb source
  • 3200°Kelvin colour temperature
  • IP Rating IPX3
  • Hot restrike efficiency, no need to wait for the globe to cool down before restriking, save time
  • Lamp life 2000 hours
  • Weight 13 kg, can be carried by one person
  • Operates in all weather conditions
  • Input current 9.1 Amps
  • Input voltage 240V A.C (110V also available)
  • Input Frequency 50 Hz (60 Hz also available)
  • Inflated dimensions are 90cm x 70cm
  • Light coverage approximately 2000m²
  • Stored and transported in impact resistant road case
  • Transport in a car, no need to tow. Several can be packed into a car, replacing the normal trailer-transport of conventional lights saving on fuel and labour
  • Can be mounted onto machinery and equipment
  • Tripod mount or suspend the light head from infrastructure or machinery
  • Immediate setup – tripod rises to almost 4 metres and is 2 metres long when stored
  • Designed to be used with self-shielded lamps only
  • Self-shielded lamps supplied by Lunar Lighting
  • NATO Stock Number has been issued by the Defence Department after rigorous testing: 6230-66-154-6218 Part No. 2KHLL
  • Lunar Lighting Envelopes can direct light 360° or 180°vertically or horizontally, envelopes can be interchanged as required
Complies with Australian and New Zealand Standards (September 24, 2015):
  • AS/NZS 60598.1
  • AS/NZS 60598.2.5
  • AS/NZS 60529 – IPX3 Rating
  • AS/NZS CISPR15 – EMC Rating

* Specifications may be subject to change without notice


Why choose Lunar Lighting Halogen Lights?


Conventional light systems are blinding to look at. Lunar Lights produce a diffuse, uniform light over the entire area.


One 2000W light covers up to 2000m2, fewer lights required means big savings on fuel and logistics.


Carry by hand or transport several in a car – no need for towing bulky light plants.


Built to handle the toughest environments, extreme heat & cold and frequent relocations.

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