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Glare-Free 12V BakPak Light

Powerful portable light for mobile operations

Carry on your back, the light that walks with you

The Lunar 12V BakPak light is a lightweight and the perfect solution for mobile lighting. Whether it’s a search-and-rescue operation, regular night maintenance or repair call outs, your teams can have daylight-quality lighting wherever they go.

Perfect for:

  • Search and rescue 
  • Mobile work teams
  • Maintenance call outs at night or during blackouts
  • Rail trackwork, hiking, running, walking 
  • Space limited areas travel essentials
  • Li-Ion battery

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12V BakPak Light Features

Features and specifications may be subject to change at any time without notice

Why choose Lunar Lighting HMI Lights?


Light up a huge area wherever you go – perfect for everything from regular maintenance to search-and-rescue operations.


The 12V BakPak light is built to handle all weather conditions, from extreme heat and cold through to soaking rain.


The BakPak light weighs just 8kg so it can be carried over long periods if required without fatigue. Additional batteries weigh just 1kg.


The BakPak light produces a diffuse, glare-free light that won’t blind other team members, so everyone can work at peak productivity.

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