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Mining Resources and 
Energy Sector

Lunar Lighting – A proven performer in remote & harsh environments

The mining, resources and energy sector is where Lunar Lights really shine. For 27 years our high wattage glare-free lights have illuminated major projects across some of the most challenging environments across Australia and the world.

  • Designed & built for the toughest environments
  • Glare-free light for safer working conditions & higher productivity
  • Massive output so one tower can replace many
  • Used by leading resource companies, governments & military world-wide

Some customers who use Lunar Lights in the resources and energy sector:

  • BHP
  • Rio Tinto
  • FMG
  • Chevron
  • Woodside
  • Monadelphous
  • United Group
  • Contract Resources
  • CBI
  • Bechtel
  • MAS Asia Pacific
  • Pluto Gas Project
  • Wheatstone Project
  • In Pit lighting
  • Reject Dump Lighting
  • Shutdown Lighting
  • Mines Rescue Lighting
  • Maintenance Lighting
  • Crib Hut Lighting
  • Refuelling Station Lighting
  • Warehouse Lighting
  • Permanent Lighting applications
  • Mounting onto Loaders and Diggers
  • Dragline Lighting
  • Conveyor Belt Lighting
  • Large area lighting

The industry-leading 12,000 W Lunar Light tower produces 1.2 million lumens of daylight-quality glare-free light, replacing up to 6 conventional light towers


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Benefits of Lunar Lighting for the Mining, Resources & Energy sectors


Our products have been honed over 23 years to withstand everything these environments can throw at them


Glare-free light is less fatiguing, while our HMI solutions produce daylight quality (6000º kelvin) light around the clock


Our higher output lights mean you’ll need fewer light units, saving on energy, maintenance and fitout costs


Lunar Lights have been allocated NATO Stock Numbers from the Department of Defence & US Homeland Security

Our LED Products (AUS)

1710W LED Lunar Light
Tripod Mounted

1710W-LED-Lunar-Light-Tripod-mounted-AUS (1)-1

2550W LED Lunar Light

2550W-LED-Lunar-Lighting-Tower-AUS (1)-1

2550W LED Lunar Light

2550W-LED-Lunar-Lighting-Tower-Trolley-mounted-AUS (1)-1

4800W LED Lunar Light

4800W-LED-Lunar-Lighting-Tower-AUS (1)-1

Recommended Products for the Mining, Resources & Energy sectors

12000W HMI Light Tower
12kW HMI Lunar Lighting TowerLunar lighting

Massive light output, glare-free and daylight quality. Replaces up to 6 conventional light towers.

LED Lunar Light Towers
4800W LED Lunar Lighting Tower mu (002)

Tough, flexible and reliable. Incredibly efficient, saving time & money. Glare-free and directional up to 360º.

2000W Lunar Light
2kW Lunar Light

Flexible, powerful and ultra-portable. Runs off conventional power or generator.

Our LED Products (USA)

1710W LED Lunar Light
Tripod Mounted


2550W LED Lunar Light


2550W LED Lunar Light

Lighting Towers

4800W LED Lunar Light


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