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Hire Lunar Lights

Our class-leading lighting towers are available for hire

Please review our products below and contact us to enquire about lighting tower hire

ProductArea Lit (Approx)Towed?Weight (Approx)Glare FreeSetupRestrike
12000W HMI Light Tower50,000 m²**
59,800 sq. yards
1,900 kg
5 minsInstant Restrike
4000W HMI Lunar Light8,000 m²
9,567 sq. yards
No - inside vehicle35kg | 78lbs
(light head)
5 minsInstant Restrike
2000W Halogen Light2,000 m²
2,392 sq. yards
No - inside vehicle16kg | 35lbs
(light head)
5 minsInstant Restrike
1200W HMI Light3,000 m²
3,588 sq. yards
No - inside vehicle16kg | 35lbs
(light head)
5 minsInstant Restrike
1710W LED Light9,843 m²
10,764 sq. yards
13.6kg | 30lbs
(light head)
1-2 minsInstant Restrike

** The lux level can be increased by up to 2800% with the use of a Lunar Reflector. The light intensity will vary with distance from light source and mast height

Our Products at a Glance

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Options available for light hire include:

Infrared Lunar Lights

Lunar Lighting Tower has a range of Infrared lights, for military, security, construction work, emergency condition, and surveillance purposes. These lights emit enormous amounts of infrared light – invisible to the naked eye at night, they reveal extraordinary detail when viewed through infrared cameras, or infrared goggles.

Rigid Polymer Lumar Lights

Lunar Lighting has developed Rigid Polymer Permanent Lights – these are ideal for permanent lighting applications such as public spaces, security lighting, warehouses, party events, photography, wedding, sports fields, stadium halls, mining, film industry, golf courses and ski slopes.

Please note – specifications and information are subject to change at any time without notice

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