HMI Light Tower Comparison

How do 12kW Lunar Light Towers compare with conventional light towers?

The data below is based on a single 12kW Lunar Light Tower compared to SIX 4x 1000W standard light towers. Timing is based on 10 hours operation per day.

Figures are approximate and may be subject to change at any time without notice.

Property12kw Lunar Light TowerStandard Light Tower
Glare FreeNot available
Hot Restrike Bulb
SilencedNot standard
Fuel Tank volume per unit250L | 66 gallons114L | 30 gallons
Fuel ConsumptionApprox 2.5L | 0.7 gallons /hour14.4L | 3.8 gallons / hour
Fuel Consumption per month750L | 198 gallons4,292L | 1,134 gallons
Fuel SavingsSignificant annual fuel savingNot available
Light Colour Temperature6000° Kelvin - daylight3800° Kelvin - yellow
Light CharacteristicShadowless and UniformNot available
Lighting Direction Control360°/180°360° not available
MaintenanceOne Light TowerSeveral Light Towers
Set up, Transport & RefuelOne Light TowerSeveral Light Towers
Lamps Required1 x 12,000W HMI LampAt least 24 x 1000W lamps
Vertical Hydraulic StabilisersYes - each independently controlledNot standard
Rigid Polymer Lunar Light HeadOptional for permanent mountingNot available
Mast Height10m | 33ftAverage of 7m | 23ft
Wind Speed100kph | 65 mph at full mast heightn/a
Ancillary Power3kVA power points optionNot standard
Braking SystemMechanical Disk BrakesDrum brakes
SuspensionOff road hex-rubber torsion barLeaf suspension
Wheels17" Desert WheelsNot standard

Real project cost savings and real benefits

Real project cost savings and real benefits

Incredible Light Power

A conventional portable light tower, typically covers


As one 12000W HMI Lunar Light Tower can replace

Glare Free

Lunar Light systems use a different technology

Shadow Free

Lunar lights reduce shadowing caused by directional beams.

Lower Cost

Lunar lights have significantly lower running costs

Product Range

Lunar has a light for every purpose – towed and non-

Robust & Dependable

Dependable in harsh conditions such as mining

Lighting Direction

Can be changed from 360° to 180° in minutes if there

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