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Lighting Tower

Class-leading light tower that save time and money

Not all light tower are the same. Lunar Lighting has revolutionised large-scale lighting with technology that leaves the others in the dark.

Forget blinding glare, high fuel costs and needing too many towers to get the job done

Our glare free light tower outperform conventional systems in several key areas, reducing your costs while providing greater flexibility and enabling huge productivity gains. Available in the Perth area and worldwide

Lunar Lighting Towers

*12kW HMI Light Tower

Conventional Lighting Towers

Hire or Buy

Lunar Lighting Towers are available to hire or buy Australia-wide. We can customise units to your exact needs. Contact us for a quote.

  • Fewer light towers required

    Savings on fuel, logistics & maintenance

  • Better quality illumination

    Higher productivity & more safety

  • Built tough for all conditions

    lower cost of maintenance & less down time

Comparison of 12kW Light Tower with conventional tower lights

Our Light Options

Why choose Lunar Light Towers?


Conventional light towers are blinding to look at. Lunar Lights produce a diffuse, uniform light over the entire area, enhancing workplace safety.


Up to 1,200,000 lumen efficacy means a single light tower can replace up to 6 conventional towers, saving you time and money.


Dimmable (LED models), adjustable power levels, adjustable directionality up to 360º for perfect lighting everywhere.


Our higher light output means you need fewer light towers, saving on hire/buy costs, logistics, fuel and maintenance.

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